AquaBrush Red

  • Replaceable Brush Heads
  • Club-face spraying system
  • Attachable to golf bag
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Available in 4 different colors
Clean clubhead grooves are essential for great golf shots. Left over dirt and grass in club grooves can cause loss of spin and distance because moisture from the course grass cannot be dispersed in the best possible way. AquaBrush from Pitchfix comes with a disposable brush-head, during the season you can replace the brush head with new fresh brushes for the optimal cleaning result. When dirt in the grooves has dried out the AquaBrush can help! Pressing the pump head in the brush will dampen the clubhead so the dirt comes loose and is easier to brush of. The logo carrying cap, attached to the golf bag, ensures the Pitchfix AquaBrush is always within reach. AquaBrush is available in four colours and has a logo on it’s carrying cap.