Pitchfix Fusion 2.5 review – by Niche Golf


Pitchfix Fusion 2.5 review – by  Niche Golf

Over the years, I’ve had many types of divot tools, some with one prong and some with two; some were made of plastic and some metal. There are certainly tons of divot tools on the market and each one, if used properly, will help maintain the putting surface and is a courtesy to the golfer(s) following you. Often, you’ll even see signs requesting that golfers repair their divots and pitch marks – I’m a strong believer in obliging. I think it’s a common courtesy.

The Pitchfix Fusion 2.5 is a switchblade type golf divot tool, and I must say opening and closing it is a lot of fun. I remember years ago, I had something similar from another brand, and after a few rounds it stopped switchblade part stopped working. My hopes were high that years later, the company that I believe invented the switchblade golf divot tool would perform better. I took the Pitchfix Fusion 2.5 to my home golf course for a few rounds to test it out.

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