Best Divot Repair Tool 2018 – by GolfDigest

  Pitchfix, a company dedicated to making ball-mark fixing easier, faster and smarter, brings its three-pronged, idiot-proof tool to the same switchblade functionality found in its nifty standard divot tools. You don’t know how important that is until you’ve harpooned your fingers with a traditional divot fixer while rooting around in your pockets for your… Read more »

Pitchfix Fusion 2.5 review – by Niche Golf

  Pitchfix Fusion 2.5 review – by  Niche Golf Over the years, I’ve had many types of divot tools, some with one prong and some with two; some were made of plastic and some metal. There are certainly tons of divot tools on the market and each one, if used properly, will help maintain the… Read more »


Pitchfix Twister 2.0 Divot Tool: Innovation? From a divot tool? Yeah, that’s right.

The Pitchfix Twister 2.0 Divot tool was featured on Innovation. It’s a term synonymous with the golf industry . . . or so golf company executives would have made you believe. The reality is innovation is not occurring as frequently as equipment manufacturers, club manufacturers specifically, would have you believe. Multi-material construction? Yeah, that’s… Read more »


Golf Digest – Best Divot Repair Tool 2016

The greatest scourge in golf is not white belts or even hole-by-hole updates via Snapchat. It’s something more insidious and frighteningly more common. According to a survey by the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, the most frequent breach of golf etiquette is the failure to repair ball marks. An unfixed pitch mark likely will… Read more »