Golf is a sport that requires some specialist tools, not only to play, but to keep the course in top notch condition. To play golf, the tools that are needed are a selection of clubs, golf balls, tees, ball markers and a trolley to make carrying all the equipment around the golf course much easier. There are also many other types of equipment and accessories that help to make a great round of golf, such as specially designed clothing and shoes, GPS gadgets and training equipment. There are also tools that are needed to maintain the golf course. It is often the case that golfers damage areas of the course, particularly the green, which is an area of short, well-kept grass.

When the club or a golf ball contacts the grass, it can leave marks, or divots, that need to be repaired so that the green stays in the ideal playing condition for everyone who uses it. One great tool that every golfer should have is a divot tool. They look similar to a fork, and feature two prongs which the golfer uses to fix a divot, by inserting the prongs into the ground around the mark and then push the sides of the divot together to close it. Fixing it this way helps to keep the grass roots in a healthy condition. Golf tools are widely available, and divot tools in particular are not expensive. They are pocket sized too, which makes them a convenient tool that every golfer should have ready. When the right tool is used for the job, be it playing golf or repairing the course, it means that everyone can play to their full potential. Golf tools and brands are big business, and the useful divot tool is ideal for displaying a company’s brand or logo, making them not just a great golf tool, but an effective marketing tool too!

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    Is your brand sporty or serious? Hi-tech or no-tech? Depending on your positioning, one of Pitchfix’s models can help to say the right thing.
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    When you give a Pitchfix to your client, you’re not giving just another golf tool. You’re packaging your brand.

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